Dynamic Wheels: Wheel Optimizer (Freeware)

Dynamic Wheels tries to find the best performing permutation for your imported lottery wheel and the selected filter conditions. Assume you want the combinations of a lottery wheel fall within the sumrange 110 and 156, fall within the widthrange 22 and 39. And you want the combinations to have for example an maximum match of 3 with the latest e.g. 20 draw results. So, how to get the job done? It is an impossible process to find the best permutation for your wheel and selected filters if done manually. Dynamic Wheels will do this job for you by automatically testing hundreds of permutations per second!

Feature Added to version 1.6
  • Draw History Filter Positional (max match positional latest x draw results)
Feature Added to version 1.5
  • Best Match Wheel. This function optimizes* your wheel lines for the selected match range and latest x draw results (x = the number of draw results to back test)
  • *Function tries to find as many possible lines in your wheel to qualify the match condition for the selected range of draw results.
    Click here to see an example how to use the function
  • Match Combinations (Reporting function). Track match results (match patterns) of the imported (wheel)combinations against the draw results.

Download Dynamic Wheels release 1.6.0 (Freeware)

Release Download File name/ Size #

Download Dynamic Wheels

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Download Cast Draw Results

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At the moment the tool offers up to 8 filter categories;
  • Sum Filter
  • Number Group Filter (Overall & Positions, Save and Load number groups)
  • Combination Index Filter
  • Draw History Filter (max match latest x draw results)
  • Difference Filter (Gap Filter)
  • Last Digits Filter (Overall & Positions)
  • Average Filter (average of numbers in a combination)
  • New in version 1.6: Draw History Filter Positional (max match positional latest x draw results)

Step 1: Import a lottery wheel and select the numbers for the wheel. Next select filter conditions you want to apply (see Step 2) to your wheel and hit the 'Start Search' button. (See 'Wheel Examples' table further down this page for the format of a wheel file)

Step 2: Select the filters you want to apply to your wheel. Here I select the 'Number Groups' filter and the 'Differences' filter. Hit the checkboxes to enable or disable the filters

Step 3: After a while when there's nog progress (no better result has been found for a while) I hit the 'Stop' button. In this example you see 5.08% of the 2147 wheel combinations, 109 combinations, fit the selected filter conditions.

Step 4: Select the 'Wheel Properties' page. Here you see the optimized wheel for the selected filter conditions. You can print, save and analyze the wheel. The combinations of the wheel are sorted by filters match; You'll find the combinations with the highest match - see field Total F - on top of the list. In this example 109 combinations of the wheel match all 2 selected filter conditions (field Total F = 2).

Here I check a combination -which match the filter conditions- against the 109 optimized wheel combinations

Draw History Games. Here you create and manage your lottery game(s).

After you loaded your game results you have the option to analyze the draw results. Hit the 'Results Properties' button to see the properties (sum, lastdigits, etc.) for you lottery game.

Also you have the option to filter the draw results. For example if you want to know how many draw result have 2 or (more) numbers between 1 and 9 select the condition 'COUNT_01_09 >=2' at filter '# Groups' and hit the add button (button with the > sign). Next go to 'Draw Results Properties' page and hit the 'Apply Filters' button. To see the -straightforward but very useful :)- statistics of this filter condition go to the 'Numbers/Last Digits Report' page.

Snippet 1 statistics report page. (here is no filter applied)

Snippet 2 statistics report page. (after filtering)

Snippet 3 statistics report page. (after filtering)

Snippet 4 statistics report page. (after filtering)

Skip History Lottery Draws (Useful in conjunction with the 'Number Group' filter)

Current skip values of the lottery numbers (Useful in conjunction with the 'Number Group' filter)

Feature: Best Match Wheel.

Step 1: Load lottery wheel. Step 2: Load the draw results of your game. Step 3: Select the match range (in this example 2 upto 6) and the range of lottery draws you want to optimize your wheel for. Step 4: Select the 'Best Match Wheel' page and hit the 'Start Search' button.

Step 5: After a while when no better result has been found by the function, hit the 'Stop' button'. Next save the lines to a file for later use (analysis). Here you see that the result on top -02,08,10,13,21,26,49 - gives the best result. 10 out of the 20 draw results (50%) this line gave a match 2 or higher (highest match was 3. See field Max Match History). The second and third line -07,09,22,25,33,37,47 and 06,20,28,35,38,41,45- gave 7 out of the 20 draw results (35%) a match 2 or higher. In this example 39 times the lines gave a match between 2 and 6 for the latest 20 draw results.

Analyse wheel results against draw results (here against the latest 20 draw results). Load the (wheel)lines by using the button 'Load Combinations'. Next select the range of lottery draw results you want to see the match results for and finally hit the 'Show Match Latest' button to get the match results.

Analyse wheel results against draw results (here against the latest 40 draw results).

Wheel Examples Download
Wheel: 4 if 6 (99%), 45 numbers


Wheel: 4 if 6 (99%), 49 numbers